Dalmatian cuisine is known by way of preparation.Dishes are light, dominated by fish, olive oil, lots of herbs and vegetables is of course inevitable.
Dalmatian food is very healthy but no less delicious, as well as what the fish and grilled vegetables.

Dalmatians, among dearer food are shrimp stew, with a glass of red wine, followed by flan as desert.Flan is sweet, caramelized cake, known in Dalmatia, and served with a topping of chocolate.

You have to try and Dalmatian goulash with gnocchi, also very tasty dish.

Do you want to treat yourself with the right and fine Dalmatian dishes, then you must try the octopus whit potatos, or octopus navy way.

There is another dessert that goes behind every great meal, sugared almonds.
Ovo su male upute Dalmatinske kuhinje koje nesmijete propustiti.

Dalmatinska salata Riba na gradele Rožata
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